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Kathleen Deal

Strategist, Storyteller, Doer

Since I was eight, I’ve been trying to establish a conversation with the brands and organizations I love. I called the 1-800 number on the back of my favorite cereal box, I wrote to Bubble Yum about their superiority to Bubblicious, and I volunteered for the kids consumer reports magazine, "Zillions", to review the hottest toys on the market.


I might have been a weird kid, but my ability to understand how your consumers want to connect with you is an innate talent that I've further honed through education, massive brand experience and a lot of data. 

In the digital age, attention spans are a commodity. I can eliminate the stress and guesswork from which platforms and messages you need to reach your audience. I’m more than a storyteller, I’m a strategic conversationalist who understands what makes your audience tick and the types of conversations they want to have with you across web, social, email and paid digital whether they’re 8 or 88.

Contact me today to start a conversation. 


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